Diamond Buying Guide

Buying diamonds online can be a great option for the informed consumer. With online retailers you have the opportunity to do the necessary research easily, comparing different offerings to one another, and making sure that you get what you set out for.

Some of the better online retailers tend to have very large selections as well, so you really do have the opportunity to find diamonds that meet your requirements, in your price range In addition to finished jewellery and loose diamonds, you also have the option of buying wholesale diamonds online, which can be difficult through other avenues, in many cases because brick-and-mortar diamond wholesalers tend to be located almost exclusively in large cities.
"Only one diamond in a million will weigh one carat or more."

Diamond Cut

In simple terms, the diamond cut refers to the “light performance” of a diamond, meaning the degree to which the diamond retains and reflects the light that enters it. Read more

Diamond Color

Diamonds with the lowest color ratings have coloration that is clearly visible to the naked eye, whilst G-I are white. Read more


Diamond Clarity

Diamonds with a wide range of diamond clarity ratings are available, and the difference in price from one end of the spectrum to the other can be substantial. Read more


Diamond Carat

In many respects, carat weight is the easiest of the “four Cs” to understand and measure. It’s also the variable that has the greatest direct effect on the price of a diamond. Read more


How This Diamond Guide Will Help

To some dealers, diamonds look like an opportunity for a quick buck because, although they command high prices, many buyers don’t really know how to distinguish a good value from a bad one. diamond-buying-guideWhen making such a large investment, it’s highly recommended that you go with a reputable retailer. You can expect much more detailed and accurate product information from quality retailers.

This will make your purchase more secure, as you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how you’re going to get it. Three very good examples of trusted online diamond vendors are James Allen, Allurez and Blue Nile. Shipping insurance is also a must for any online diamond purchase. Again, any reputable retailer will offer insurance on shipments of diamonds. Putting such valuable, expensive items in transit without insurance is simply not worth the risk, no matter how much it might look like you can save. If you want to know what the bang for buck is in the Diamond world then check out Best Diamond For Your Money Here.

All diamonds are at least 990 Million years old. Many are 3.2 Billion years old!

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