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Looking for a Round Diamond

Q: I Want a 1-Carat Round Diamond Between $4,000 and $10,000. Where Do I Start? A: Buying a diamond is a very exciting prospect and being able to choose the diamond of the week at James Allen makes it even more exciting. The innovative, virtual loupe technology […]

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Choosing the Right Setting

Q: What Metal Should I Choose for the Diamond Ring? A: Choosing a diamond ring is exciting but can be challenging. So much information is available and this can be overwhelming. However, the James Allen website provides all the information you are likely to need. The website […]

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Diamond Color vs. Diamond Fluorescence

Q: What is the difference between diamond fluorescence and diamond color, and how would I know if a diamond had good fluorescence?   A: Diamond fluorescence and diamond color are two completely different rating aspects when addressing the value of a diamond. Diamond fluorescence is almost always […]

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Pave vs. Channel Settings

Q: So I have my diamond figured out for my fiancée and I want to pick the setting myself. I like the pave and channel settings, but how do I know which one is best? A: First, congratulations. That’s a valid question and to be honest, choosing […]

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Protecting Yourself When Buying a Ring Online

Q: I am planning on buying a ring online, but what happens if it doesn’t show up or arrives damaged? Can I get some kind of insurance? A: This is one of the more important questions to ask when purchasing jewelry online. If your jewelry is lost […]

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Buying the Setting Somewhere Else

Q: Does it Matter if I Don’t Buy the Diamond and Setting in the Same Place? A: This is a frequently asked question. After all, purchasing a diamond ring, especially an engagement ring, is an extremely important event. The obvious risks of buying the diamond and an […]

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Large Diamond Rings for a Large Budget

Q: I Have a Large Budget and Want to Get My Fiancée a Large Clean Ring A: This highlights one of the difficulties and concerns of buying a diamond online. A customer would like to examine a purchase as important and valuable as a diamond but is […]

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Diamond of the Week – 12/22/10

Today we introduce a new segment to the Easy Diamond Guide – the Diamond of the Week! After narrowing down the choice of diamonds that are 4 or 5 carat rounds (my favorite), one of the best out there, and my choice for the inaugural Diamond of […]

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Worries About Buying A Ring Online.

Q: Buying a Ring Online Makes Me Nervous. If I Choose What Can I Expect?

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Difference Between VS1 and VS2

Q: What is the major difference between buying a VS1 or VS2 stone when it comes to diamond clarity? That’s a very good question, so it would be helpful to begin by clarifying the terms VS1 and VS2. These terms are used by the Gemological Institute of […]

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