Best Diamond For Your Money

Best Diamond For Your Money

The key to finding the best diamond for your money is understanding the several important variables that affect the price of diamonds.  Only you know exactly what you’re looking for in a diamond, but when it comes to getting the best possible value, there are some trends you might want to take into consideration.

Diamond Carat – Best Diamond For Your Money

The factor that has the greatest influence on the finding the best diamond for your money is its carat weight. The most inexpensive loose diamonds are the lightest ones, while the heaviest ones tend to be very expensive.

Diamonds above two carats are usually priced well outside the budget of most buyers. When it comes to find the best diamond for your money the lower carat ranges, one-carat diamonds tend to represent the best combination of value and overall quality, as there isn’t a huge jump in price from half-carat to one-carat diamonds as there is between, for example, three and four-carat diamonds. Another thing to keep in mind with respect to carats is that they reflect only the weight of the diamond. Lower carat diamonds are simply smaller than large ones – a high-carat diamond can still be of relatively low quality.

If you’re looking for the best value, it’s a good idea to go with a smaller yet higher-quality diamond.

Diamond Clarity – Best Diamond For Your Money

When it comes to diamond clarity ratings, the VS1 and VS2 ratings offer you the best diamond for your money. The aesthetic differences from one clarity grade to the next are virtually imperceptible to the naked eye (to put it into perspective, the flaws in VS1 and VS2 diamonds can be difficult to see even under a 10x microscope), but when all other factors are the same a large difference in clarity grade can mean a big difference in price. This is why diamonds in the middle to lower range in clarity represent a superior value.

Small differences in color grade can be similarly difficult to discern. In the case of color, diamonds with color ratings in the G-I range, which are white to the naked eye, represent the best overall value. If you’re on a tighter budget, though, the J-L range can also be a good bet because, while the yellowish tint is still barely perceptible in these diamonds, they do tend to be somewhat less expensive.

When it comes to looking for the best diamond for your money shape has also a large impact on what diamond to go for. Round cuts are the most popular, partly because round diamonds reflect light in a pleasing way. In the process of making round cut diamonds, though, a fair portion of the original diamond has to be removed, making round cuts somewhat inefficient. At the same time, because of their popularity, round cut diamonds are usually much more expensive than other cuts. Princess cuts tend to represent the best value to the consumer, largely because Princess cuts retain a higher percentage of the diamond’s actual mass after cutting. Finally, diamond cut has a relatively small impact on finding the best diamond for your money; hence, ideal and premium-grade cuts usually end up being the best value to consumers.

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