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Diamond Color

Diamond Color Grading is based on the lack of color in a stone. The less color the better, as it increases the overall value of a diamond. Overall, a diamond color grading scale varies from D – Z, with D being the very best and Z the […]

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Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity – What to look for when buying an Engagement Ring   Diamond clarity is a grading scale that gives an apparent idea of how flawless a diamond is.  It ranges from absolutely flawless, which means even under a microscope the diamond is completely clear, to […]

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How to Buy Diamond Jewellery

Shopping for diamond jewellery doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact if you do know how to buy diamond jewellery, shopping for them can be a very rewarding and pleasurable experience. The secret to buying diamond jewellery, any experience diamond jewellery shopper will tell you, is in […]

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