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How to Buy a Great Value Diamond Ring

If you are looking at how to buy a cheap diamond ring without having to pay through the nose, there are certain ways to go about it. But first you have to know real diamonds do not come cheap and you can only get your diamond ring relatively […]

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How to Buy a Low-Cost Engagement Ring

How to Buy a Cheap Engagement Ring Convention demands that an engagement ring should be a diamond ring and you do know that diamonds do not come cheap. A beautiful engagement ring does not have to cost an arm and a leg as long as you know […]

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How to Buy a Black Diamond

How to Buy a Black Diamond Black diamonds are also called ‘Carbonado’ and are believed to be formed in stellar supernova explosions. Before you learn how to buy a black diamond, perhaps you should know that apart from industrial uses these diamonds were considered worthless by jewelers […]

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How to Buy Rough Diamonds

How to Buy Rough Diamonds Diamonds are expensive. However, did you know a significant addition to its value comes from the quality of the cut and processing of the diamond? Learning how to buy rough diamonds can help you make significant savings or profits by buying rough […]

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