Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity – What to look for when buying an Engagement Ring


Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is a grading scale that gives an apparent idea of how flawless a diamond is.  It ranges from absolutely flawless, which means even under a microscope the diamond is completely clear, to flaws that are evident even to the naked eye.

Obviously, the higher the grading the more valuable the diamond is.

So when shopping for an engagement ring, you may wonder what grading to go for. Overall, it most certainly depends on how much money you are intending to invest, but moreover, it also depends on what type of diamond you are going for. There are five characteristics that have quite an impact on diamond clarity.

Diamond Clarity

These characteristics are as follows :

1. Size

2. Color

3. Number

4. Position

5. Nature

The first step is to determine the size of the characteristic. The smaller it is the better, as it is harder to identify a smaller characteristic which ultimately gives the diamond a higher clarity grading.

The color must also be taken into consideration when determining the diamond clarity. The more the characteristic varies from the contiguous diamond, the lower the grading will be.

The number of characteristics also impacts on the final diamond clarity grading.Please note that we are not referring to the actual number of characteristics but rather to how easily they can be seen.

Furthermore, the position of the characteristic needs to be assessed.  Ideally, it is rather invisible, for instance, if it is identified near the girdle of the diamond or under the crown facets. The stone will receive a lower diamond clarity grading if the characteristic is in a more visible spot, such as directly under the table of the diamond.

Lastly, the nature of the stone is also important when conducting a diamond clarity grading. A diamond with a characteristic has either an internal or external inclusion. No matter which one, it automatically excludes the stone from falling into the flawless category.

The nature will also resolve whether the characteristic may impose a risk to the diamond, such as a further addition to the break in the structure of the stone. If that’s the case, the diamond will receive a lower clarity grading. As you can see there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when purchasing an engagement ring.

For further assistance, click on the Allen James website. This website has a search tool that allows you to select the individual characteristics of your desired ring, and it will then present you with lots of different options based on your search. This makes finding the perfect diamond ring not only simple and effective but also enjoyable.

Diamond Clarity

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