Diamond Color

Diamond Color Grading is based on the lack of color in a stone. The less color the better, as it increases the overall value of a diamond.

Overall, a diamond color grading scale varies from D – Z, with D being the very best and Z the worst. The information below gives you a better understanding of what each grading number means.

D: Absolutely colorless, which makes these diamonds not only rare but also very expensive

E-F: Colorless. A specialist may be able to identify traces of color; however, to the naked eye these diamonds are colorless which makes them rare

G-H: Near Colorless. Slight traces of color, which are very hard to detect, hence this color grading represents great value.

J-I: Near colorless. Slight tone of color, which is rather difficult to see with the naked eye.

K-M: Noticeable color. The stone has color to it that is easily visible.

N-Z: Noticeable color. The diamond has evident coloration to it that is clear enough to distract from the other features of the stone.

For more information on the diamond color grading chart, please click here.

When shopping for a diamond ring, stones with a diamond grading between D-F are obviously the ideal pick. These diamonds are rare and even an expert gemologist may only find the most minuscule traces of color.

However, when buying on a budget it is highly recommended to go for stones with a G-I diamond color grading. These diamonds are much more affordable, and yet, to the naked eye they look completely colorless. Only a specialist is able to identify the trace of color in this stone. Hence, a color grading of G-I stands for fantastic value and is the most commonly purchased diamond ring.

Colored diamonds, known as fancy color diamonds, have their own grading system. On the whole, diamonds come in all the different colors of the rainbow, and in order to give them each color more meaning there is a list of 27 color hues that cover the full range of colored diamonds. Taken as a whole, red diamonds are considered the rarest of the colored diamonds, and hence, the most valuable.

Overall, when shopping for a diamond ring, there are many other factors to take into consideration apart from diamond color. To find exactly what you are looking for, check out the James Allen website. This well established online jeweler gives you the option of conducting a search based on the different key characteristics of diamonds. The search makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for, plus it gives you the chance to compare prices easily.

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