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Blue Nile ( was one of the first serious vendors to get involved in selling diamonds online, and they’ve made quite a name for themselves since their initial appearance on the web in 1999. In fact, in terms of total sales, they’re currently the number one online diamond retailer, far ahead of any other vendor. Although in recent years sites like James Allen(*1) and Mondera(*2) have come to provide stiff competition, Blue Nile remains a good option for buyers who are looking for a reputable and knowledgeable source for diamonds.

Blue Nile is perhaps best known for the wide variety of “create-your-own” choices they offer. This is attractive to a lot of buyers because it provides the opportunity to browse through seemingly countless diamonds of varying properties as well as different types of settings. When customizing your own jewellery, the end result can have a little bit more personal and sentimental value, whether it’s for yourself or that special someone, and, of course, you can also tailor the piece to your tastes with respect to overall appearance.

At Blue Nile, you can create your own rings including three-stone rings and five-stone rings, as well as earrings, and diamond pendants. The process is made very simple. When creating a five-stone ring, for example, you can start by choosing diamonds or a setting. To choose a diamond, you can use Blue Nile’s search facility, which is very simple and presents all the relevant information clearly. Normally you’ll first choose a shape for your diamond, but if you’re creating a five-stone ring, you’re limited to round diamonds for design reasons. You can then sort by price, polish and symmetry ratings, certifying body, and the “four Cs”(*3): cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You can also limit search results to within certain parameters. Next, you can move on to see more information about a given diamond, and from there you can decide whether or not to add the diamonds to your set. You can then choose a setting from applicable options, usually including choices in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Online Diamond Store Review

You can also purchase loose diamonds at Blue Nile, using the same search engine. Blue Nile also offers a variety of other finished pieces. These include engagement rings, wedding and anniversary rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. In addition to diamond jewellery, Blue Nile sells gold, silver, pearl, gemstone and platinum.

One of the reasons for Blue Nile’s popularity is the wide range of prices into which their products fall; anyone, regardless of budget, will find some compelling choices at Blue Nile.

Blue Nile also ships to a greater number of countries than most of its competitors. As any discerning buyer would require, they include shipping insurance(*4) automatically with all orders. FedEx shipping is free for US orders, with overnight shipping for all loose diamonds, build-your-own pieces, and other orders over $500, or 2-day service for orders under $500. You’ll also get some nice extras like free resizing, a 30-day return option, and the option of financing(*5) through Bill Me Later.

For anyone in the market for diamonds, Blue Nile is worth checking out. Their service should appeal to a great number of people, thanks to the easy to use and navigate website, variety of products available, as well as Blue Nile’s flexibility in terms of shipping to different countries.

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