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James Allen Review James Allen is one of the leading online diamond retailers. They have the reputation and history you’d demand from a vendor selling such a valuable product. In addition to these basics, though, there are several things that really set James Allen apart from other online diamond sellers.

In addition to loose diamonds, James Allen deals in engagement and wedding rings, finished diamond jewellery including designer and brand-name diamond jewellery pieces, and gemstone jewellery including combination pieces featuring diamonds and other gemstones.

In the diamond jewellery category, items are classified under several categories including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. Each of these categories features at least 20 and often upwards of 40 unique items; they also carry a good range of prices in these areas, going from $100 to over $6000, so it’s worthwhile for people with a variety of budgets to check out; their gemstone offerings aren’t quite as numerous, but they do break down into similar categories and price ranges. It’s also very easy to navigate through different categories and get right to what you’re after.

James Allen Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are also offered in several different categories. In addition to more traditional fare, they do include diamond wedding rings, in singles or sets, three-stone rings with diamonds and other gemstones, and James Allen’s signature Eternity Rings, which themselves inhabit a wide variety of styles, the common thread being diamonds.

All finished items are clearly pictured in high resolution. Many can also be inspected through a 3D view feature, which is a very useful way to get a sense for how items like rings really look. This makes shopping at James Allen just like buying at a brick-and-mortar store; the uncertainty that sometimes lingers in online shopping is eliminated thanks to James Allen’s excellent browsing features.

Where James Allen really shines, though, is in loose diamonds. You can easily browse by shape or carat weight. They also use a very detailed loose diamond search feature. Here you can specify a shape from among all the common choices, and also search and sort by any of the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) and certification. Indeed, the vast majority of loose diamonds offered by James Allen are certified by either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). You can actually view a scan of the certificate for each diamond, which is a feature unique to James Allen.

James Allen Loose Diamond Range

The selection of loose diamonds is huge. At the time of review, there were 12,216 round diamonds, 3,805 Princess diamonds, and over 1,000 Emerald cut diamonds available, just to name a few shapes. Diamonds found with the search engine can be viewed in a number of ways. With James Allen you get the most certainty out of any online diamond retailer as to the exact appearance of your diamond, which is a huge plus.

There’s also a pretty helpful “create your own engagement ring” feature, in which you select a diamond, then choose a setting from another several hundred options in different categories like Solitaire and Pave.

Shipping insurance is hugely important to customers who are thinking of buying diamonds online. Thankfully James Allen insures all US orders for their full value automatically. FedEx is used for shipping, so you can be confident that your item will get there on time and in perfect shape.

James Allen offers a few other policies for great peace of mind. These include 60-day free resizing of rings, a 30-day money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty covering cleaning, re-polishing and more. Buying with James Allen is as low-risk a proposal as there is no other retailer offers the same guarantee of quality and satisfaction. This is why James Allen is the best online diamond retailer out there.

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