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If you’ve looked at information online about diamonds, you’ve probably come across the name Mondera ( Mondera is best-known online diamond stores, offering loose diamonds and a variety of finished pieces. Most importantly, they’re backed up by a strong reputation for quality and integrity, which is a huge factor when you’re looking to make such a big investment.

One of the most famous features of Mondera’s website is their diamond search facility. You can search by initially selecting a shape from among all the common choices, with the option of entering a price(*1) range as well. From there, you’ll see the diamonds available within those parameters, and there will be a lot of them; at the time of review, there were over 10,000 round diamonds under $30,000, nearly 5,000 Princess cut diamonds, and over 1,000 Pear cut diamonds, to name a few.

At the results page, you can make further adjustments for your preferred ranges of the four Cs(*2) (carat, cut, color, and clarity). You can also sort results by any of these categories, or by price. You can select multiple diamonds for a side-by-side comparison, view the diamonds’ certification, and view other detailed information about each diamond, including measurements, symmetry, and fluorescence. The “view similar diamonds” feature in each diamond information page can be very useful as well, if you’re interested in a particular diamond but wouldn’t mind seeing something that differs slightly in a certain category.

If you can’t find a diamond that meets your specifications, you can send a request form to Mondera. Customers have had good results using this method as well, so it’s worth a shot if you have something specific in mind. Online Diamond Store Review

Mondera offers a few different design-your-own categories: engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, and diamond solitaire pendants. Many other online diamond retailers offer similar features, but Mondera’s are some of the most extensive. For example, if you’d like to design a diamond solitaire pendant, you can first choose a diamond from the Round, Princess, Oval or Pear shapes, then select a setting appropriate for the chosen shape in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. You can then see what the finished piece will look like, although the diamond pictured in the final stage won’t be the exact one you’ve chosen.

Like other retailers, Mondera also has a selection of finished pieces in different categories. These include men’s and women’s wedding bands, and earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in the diamond, gemstone, gold, silver, and pearl categories, designer pieces from Pascal Mouawad, and more. All pieces can be viewed clearly, although Mondera doesn’t offer the variety of useful viewing options that you can get from James Allen(*3).

Once you’ve made a purchase, you’ll want to be sure that it gets to you in a safe and timely fashion. Shipping insurance(*4) is the only way to guarantee this, and like all reputable online jewellery dealers, Mondera fully insures all items. All items within the continental US are shipped free with FedEx 2nd day air service, while orders of over $1,000 are shipped free with priority overnight air service. You do have the option of upgrading shipping if you so desire.

Most importantly, Mondera offers safe, sure service. You can buy diamonds with confidence. They also have one of the largest selections of diamonds, and overall one of the most useful websites in terms of features.

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