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With offices in the Diamond District of Manhattan, Szul is well positioned to offer consumers a compelling package of services. Although the company hasn’t have quite the same history or sales figures as some of the heavyweights of the online diamond market, Szul is nevertheless well worth checking out for consumers regardless of budget, largely thanks to its huge selection of loose diamonds.

Products and Services

Loose diamonds are the primary feature at Szul, and their selection is one of the largest of any online diamond vendor. At the time of review, the number of certified diamonds available through Szul was over 77,000, in all the popular cuts.

Much like most other well-known diamond sellers, Szul also offers other types of jewelry in addition to finished diamond jewelry pieces. Most stores have something that you can’t get from most other vendors, and Szul’s specialty in this respect is men’s accessories, including things like tie clips and gold and silver plated pocket knives. In other areas, though, Szul’s selection isn’t quite as extensive as those of most of the other big online jewelers.

Szul’s “design your own ring” service is one of the best in the business. It’s very easy to use, with each setting being accompanied by a simple chart which indicates which diamond shapes are compatible. Their selection of settings is also very good, with detailed information available for each option. This, combined with Szul’s great selection of loose diamonds, adds up to a very powerful tool. Online Diamond Store Review


With such a large number of diamonds on offer, it’s important to have a good search tool to sort through them. Szul’s search is certainly adequate in this respect, although it lacks some of the features and intuitiveness offered by competing sites. With Szul you can search by shape, price, carats, color, clarity, and cut. Other sites allow you to narrow down your results by allowing you to select further parameters, and with Szul’s big selection of diamonds, it’s nearly impossible to end up with anything but a huge number of search results, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective.

Payment and Shipping

Szul accepts all of the major credit cards, as well as payment by money order, check, and wire transfer. This is a good but not great variety of options, as some other diamond sellers will also accept payment via PayPal or other similar methods.

Szul’s returns policy and guarantees are also in line with industry standards. They offer a 30-day return policy on loose diamonds, and wear-and-tear repairs within 60 days of purchase.

Shoppers at Szul have a few shipping options. US buyers can choose from free shipping, or courier options. Canadian shoppers can choose between a $9.95 USPS option, or FedEx for $39.95, while other international destinations require FedEx for $45.95.


Although it can’t quite compete with some of the bigger retailers in some respects, Szul is still a must-see for anyone who’s looking to buy loose diamonds. If you have time to browse, their huge selection may offer something that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Szul – Good Diamond Selection

Szul is an online-only retailer specializing in loose diamonds. While they do offer some of the extras that you can find at some of the big-name sellers, the most intriguing thing about Szul is the size of their loose diamond selection, which rivals those of even the biggest jewelers. If you’re willing to spend the time looking through lots of diamonds in order to make the best possible choice, Szul is well worth your time. For more information on Szul, read our review here. Online Diamond Store Review

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