How to Buy a Black Diamond

How to Buy a Black Diamond

How to Buy a Black DiamondBlack diamonds are also called ‘Carbonado’ and are believed to be formed in stellar supernova explosions. Before you learn how to buy a black diamond, perhaps you should know that apart from industrial uses these diamonds were considered worthless by jewelers until recently.

These days’ black diamonds are being used in men’s rings, in combination with LBD (little black dress) or even in engagement rings to be fashionably unique. But black diamonds are still more of an eccentric oddity in fashion.

• Therefore your first lesson in how to buy a black diamond is to shop around as widely as possible, go on the internet as well and check for the best prices as these prices vary by a great deal

• The 4Cs of a diamond does not really apply to a black diamond as jewelry items but rather they come under fancy colored diamonds categories along with pink, green, blue etc colors.

• GIA has an exclusive system for color-grading colored diamonds. These are of two types, the GIA colored Diamond Grading Report, which is the same as the usual diamond grading reports, and the GIA Colored Diamond Identification and origin report aka color-only report which gives the color grade and nature of the color. Therefore look for these reports when you buy a black diamond..

• Poor quality black diamonds can be treated to enhance its appearances therefore always ask if it has been treated. A sure fire way of detecting diamonds treated with high radiation is to use a fiber-optic light and place it on diamond. If light comes out darkish green on the opposite side it has been treated or enhanced.

How to Buy a Black Diamond

• Like buying any other diamonds always have your black diamond appraised by an Independent appraiser to ensure you do not get duped.

• Most black diamonds are used in a pave setting therefore small carats are available with most vendors however large solitaire sizes are much more difficult to find. So expect to spend some time looking while shopping for a black diamond.

• Naturally black, black diamonds have a lot of inclusions on them and are significantly more brittle the clear diamonds. If you want a naturally black diamond do not expect to find one with very little inclusions as according to GIA it is the black inclusions that gives it the black coloration.

• Most people tend to buy a black diamond from local vendors as they do not have a sort of mental reference chart to figure out exactly what the black diamond they are buying is like due to its rarity. But buying online will probably be your best option as local vendors stock of black diamonds are usually limited and this is not an issue if you search online.

• Black diamonds are notoriously difficult cut and due to their relatively more brittle nature cutting them is a risky business. Therefore a natural black diamond with a good cut can be very expensive. Overall the most reliable approach on how to buy a black diamond is to learn the basics of diamond appraisal which is not difficult and also learn how to read the grading certificates that comes with the black diamonds.

How to Buy a Black Diamond

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