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How to Buy Diamonds Online

With the advent of Internet, almost everything can be bought online- even diamonds. Many people believe that buying diamonds online is a risky trade, as they can be conned. But then, which trade is completely secure? If you can buy laptops from the Internet, you can very surely buy diamonds as well. You just need to be careful, and keep your eyes open. Before buying, you should learn more about them, so that the seller does not try to rip you off.

Why buy diamonds online?

The first thing you should consider is the reason why you want to buy them online. Basically, the brick-and-mortar jewelry stores have many costs that they have to cover. Because online stores do not have overhead costs, you can diamonds at much cheaper prices.

Another thing is the variety. These online jewelry stores have almost unlimited collection of diamonds. Though you can get a wide collection of diamonds at your local store too, but these online stores generally have a wider collection. So if it’s variety you are looking for, online shopping would be better.

Buy Diamonds OnlineBuy Diamonds Online


How to Buy Diamonds Online?

 Now to the how part. Here are a few steps that you can follow to buy good diamonds online:

1. Get to know about diamond standards. Two good standards are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and AGS (American Gem Society). You can check the documentation that comes with the diamond to see the diamond’s quality described by a standards organization.

2. Do your research. Log on to the Internet, and try to look for some good diamond sellers. You will find a number of online stores. Narrow down your search to a few. Then read their reviews to find more about them. You can check their reputation at the website of Better Business Bureau.

3. Once you find an online dealer for your trade, you can verify if he or she is asking the correct price for diamonds, or trying to rip you off. For this, you can go to the any decent diamond guide website and verify the sample prices. There will be many factors, like color, carat, clarity, depth. Match it with the quote offered by the seller. If there is a big difference, then you should look for some other store.

4. After all the verification, you would be ready to buy the diamond. Make sure you check the return policy of the store- just to have a safe option. Also ask about the shipping details.

5. Take enough time in selecting the right diamond for you. Do not just fall in love with the first diamond you see. These gems cost a lot of money, and it is better if you get the right one for yourself, instead of going for just any.

6. Pay the dealer, and get the diamonds. When you receive them, take them to an evaluator, who has good knowledge of gems, and get the quality checked.

If everything is fine- congrats! You got yourself a good trade on diamonds.

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