How to buy diamonds online

How to buy diamonds online


Not very long ago, the very mention of the word diamond used to evoke fantasies of fabulous riches in our minds, and it was thought to be the privilege of only the elite classes to own them. Not anymore! Today, even the common man, or woman to be precise, can afford to own suitable diamond purchase of varying brands and designs, and enhance their style & class.

Today, diamonds are sold and bought as easily across the counter as any other gem. The variety of choices & offers provided by various bricks-& -mortar stores often may leave you in a confused state of mind. Hence, it is necessary to gather some basic understanding of diamonds before you begin shopping. The diamond’s value is determined by the 4 C’s. They are carat, cut, clarity, and color, & if you may add a fifth C, its cost. Understanding them properly is highly important for you to clinch the best deal in your Diamond purchase. You may also consider your option of purchasing your diamonds online, instead of your nearby jewelry store.

What’s as essential is that you pay for the precise quality and figure of diamond to compliment the set. Purchasing diamond ornaments is an exclusive experience. The most important reason why buying diamonds online are beneficial is that you can get a good value for your purchase since online jewelers & wholesalers sell their product at greatly discounted prices due to low operating overheads.

Second is the inexhaustible choice in front of you. Online portals have a huge stock of customized products, which they sell off quickly. Stores don’t have the huge volume of sales that online merchants enjoy, which makes them store just a small inventory, and the choice before you is limited.

Obviously, buying diamonds online do not always guarantee a flawless product, and for that you must check the online vendor’s credentials, references and also check up with your friends or relatives who have made online purchases before, for a genuine supplier. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the vendor’s credentials if it’s not there on his website.

Also make sure that the piece of diamond that you are buying online comes with a diamond grading certificate issued by an independent laboratory. Non-graded gems often come cheaper than the graded ones. As the second opinion, you may also check up your diamonds purchased online with a reputed appraiser in your area. In case it turns out to be substandard, you can claim for refund of your money from your vendor, if that vendor has a money return policy that is. Don’t forget to enquire about this policy before making diamond purchase.

Last, but not the least; use a reputed escrow service if you are purchasing diamonds worth quite a value. They will assess the exact value of the diamonds at their end, before making payment to the vendor. This will save you a lot of nightmares, since your money will be protected if the diamonds turn out to be substandard.

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