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Question – Best Online Jewelry Store

What is the best online jewelry store? I’m looking for a retailer that sells high quality products and provides hassle free and safe ordering.

Answer – Best Online Jewelry Store

According to James Allen is the best online jewelry store when it comes to quality, service, value and price. Their stunning range diamonds are of first class quality, and you even get to design your own diamond jewelry. James Allen also automatically fully insures all domestic shipments and international shipments up to $1,000. International orders above $1,000 are priced at $50 for insurance plus one percent of the total price. Using shipping insurance will ensure that you will receive your item fast and undamaged.

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Overall, one of the key factors that makes James Allen the best online jewelry store is the fact that this retailer enables you to design your own jewelry. Whether it is a ring, a necklace or ear rings you are looking for, you are able to design it based on your own specifications and preferences. And more importantly, it’s an easy two step process that allows you to create your own unique piece of jewelry in a fast and efficient way.

The first step is to decide on what kind of jewelry you are looking for. Whether it is a ring, a necklace or ear rings, there are lots of different settings to pick from, and you can decide on what material you would like to use, whether it is gold, white-gold, silver or platinum.

The next and final step is to find a matching diamond to go into your chosen ring setting. In order to find a diamond that matches your budget and specifications, you can use this search tool. You can select exactly what you want based on color, carat, clarity, cut, shape and price range.

Once you’ve conducted a search you will receive a vast variety of options and any of them will meet your preferred characteristics. So thanks to James Allen, the best online jewelry store, you can design your own jewelry online to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. It’s a fun and easy process, and of course you can take up shipping insurance to make sure you get your ring fast and safe.

On the whole, you can trust James Allen in being the best online jewelry store. Due to their outstanding service, value, price and quality, they have proven to be the number one choice; and hence, are considered the best online jewelry store.

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