Buying the Setting Somewhere Else

Q: Does it Matter if I Don’t Buy the Diamond and Setting in the Same Place?

A: This is a frequently asked question. After all, purchasing a diamond ring, especially an engagement ring, is an extremely important event.

The obvious risks of buying the diamond and an engagement ring setting separately include the following – The setting company generally doesn’t have insurance to cover any possible damage to a diamond they receive to set. It would be advisable to have the diamond valued and insured before having it sent for setting, which then adds another expense to the process. In addition, the company agreeing to set the diamond will add a service charge.

Unfortunately, you have to take into consideration the risk that despite having a diamond valued before sending it to be set, it may not be the one used in the setting chosen.

The best way to avoid any heartache and extra expense is to choose a reputable online diamond store such as James Allen. This jeweller has a wide selection of beautiful diamonds and settings and the customer support is second to none. It is very likely that if, in the unlikely event a particular setting is not available, James Allen can customise the one you desire.

The biggest advantage of choosing James Allen is the innovative virtual loupe technology which enables a customer to view actual photographs of a diamond through a magnification of about 20 times. The other major advantage of choosing James Allen is the amazing high-resolution 3D views of the diamonds and other items which gives a customer the opportunity to view a choice of rings with different settings and diamonds as life-like pictures before choosing.

An added advantage of choosing James Allen is that there is no extra charge for having one of their loose diamonds set in one of their settings. James Allen provides a lifetime warranty for their settings for a minimal shipping charge. In addition, this lifetime warranty covers any side stones chosen at the time of setting.

James Allen has so many beautiful examples of diamonds, settings and finished pieces of jewelery that choosing one to demonstrate the craftsmanship and quality is difficult, not to mention their great diamond prices. However, the following item gives some idea of what to expect when looking at products online –

Item # 17129P is a Platinum Double Claw Surprise Diamond Engagement Ring, which can be fitted with a centre diamond of your choice. By using the 3D views to visualise the ring and the virtual loupe to choose the ideal diamond, it is possible to choose the ring of your dreams (or your fiancee’s dreams!).

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