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Q: What Metal Should I Choose for the Diamond Ring?

A: Choosing a diamond ring is exciting but can be challenging. So much information is available and this can be overwhelming. However, the James Allen website provides all the information you are likely to need. The website is set out clearly and the information is concise and helpful. In addition to this, the customer services staff is well-informed and very helpful.

Right, you’ve chosen the diamond and the setting, which means that you’ve done most of the hard work. Choosing the metal doesn’t have to be difficult and a bit of information on what is available may be helpful. The easiest solution to your problem, if the ring is to be a surprise, is to discover whether or not your fiancée has any preference in the color of metal by observing what she usually chooses when buying jewelry. If she does, then it will be advisable to choose that particular color.

The metals used most frequently for a diamond ring are: yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Silver can also be used but is not as long lasting as the other metals. Gold is naturally yellow in color and 24 karat gold is pure gold. The higher the karat, the softer the gold. Although both 18k and14k gold are used for rings, 14k gold is frequently chosen because it can withstand wear and tear better.

Platinum best withstands wear and tear and is the rarest metal available. Platinum is less easily damaged than gold and less likely to cause skin allergies. The most expensive of the metals used in jewelry is also platinum. A more affordable alternative is white gold, although platinum retains its shine longer than white gold. White gold is plated with rhodium to enhance the shine but this wears off over time and the gold has to be re-plated. Both white gold and platinum enhance the sparkle and colorlessness of diamonds in the color range D-I. has the added advantage of high resolution 3D technology which will give you an idea of what the ring will look like in reality. The following diamond found on the James Allen website can be used as an example to view the diamond ring settings you have chosen in different metal types in 3D.

For an example, check out Item # 1335309, a Round, Ideal cut diamond; 1.01 carat; color I; Clarity VS2; Certificate GIA; Depth 61.i9%; Table 56.0%; Polish excellent; Symmetry excellent; Girdle thin to medium; Culet none; Fluorescence None; Measurements 6.48*6.40*3.99.

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