Diamond Color vs. Diamond Fluorescence

Q: What is the difference between diamond fluorescence and diamond color, and how would I know if a diamond had good fluorescence?


A: Diamond fluorescence and diamond color are two completely different rating aspects when addressing the value of a diamond. Diamond fluorescence is almost always seen only by ultraviolet lighting or radiation, such as an X-ray. A person cannot see fluorescence by the naked eye, to see any fluorescence you must use “black” light (UV light). There are seven ratings to judge diamond fluorescence:

1)             None

2)             Faint

3)             Slight

4)             Medium

5)             Strong

6)             Very Strong

7)             Intense

The actual price range of a diamond is affected by the amount of fluorescence. The less there is, the more value the diamond has. However back in the 1920’s, having strong or intense diamond fluorescence with colorlessness was considered valuable. Today, the higher the amount of fluorescence, the higher the possibility that the diamond can appear milky or cloudy. In general, however, the amount does not affect the clarity of the diamond, unless it is a super strong fluorescent diamond.

Then, there is the topic of diamond color. Similar to fluorescence, the more color a diamond has the less value it retains.  The less color it has then the diamond is considered a flawless diamond.

What is the rating chart for the color of diamonds? Rating from highest in value to lowest in value is the rate chart:

·               D – The highest color grade in value, being colorless

·               E – The second highest in colorlessness and valued to that of class D

·               F – The third colorless diamond in high value

·               G – J – Diamonds with near colorlessness but appear with a trace of color when faced down

·               K – M – Diamonds with color, the value becomes distinctively less when color is detected

·               N – Z – Yellow diamonds, not valued, are considered to be of little worth

Finding the best store for the diamonds and knowing what to pick with all of these terms can be tough. One company that can make it easy for you is James Allen. James Allen not only sells beautifully cut and high-grade diamonds, their website even gives you a diamond education page so that a person may “bone up” on some knowledge before buying. They have a wide range of prices as well for those that want an opulent eye-catching beauty of a diamond or one that is beautiful and affordable as well.

For an example of a diamond with good color and fluorescence at James Allen, check out Item #1310665. This diamond has a D color rating and no fluorescence.

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