Diamond of the Week – 12/22/10

Today we introduce a new segment to the Easy Diamond Guide – the Diamond of the Week!

After narrowing down the choice of diamonds that are 4 or 5 carat rounds (my favorite), one of the best out there, and my choice for the inaugural Diamond of the Week, is item #1337003 over at James Allen. This diamond is an ideal cut, round, brilliant diamond, 4.13 carat gem. This is a beautiful diamond at the right price!

The innovative, virtual loupe technology unique to James Allen enables a customer to examine the diamond in close detail before purchasing it. In addition, the high-resolution 3D technology makes it possible for the customer to view their chosen diamond in different settings. After looking at this diamond, I was hooked.

Here’s the breakdown on all the technical specs of this diamond: the diamond Color is K; Clarity VS1; Certificate AGS; Depth 62.5%; Table 58.0%; Polish excellent; Symmetry excellent; Girdle, thin to slightly thick; Culet, slightly pointed;  Fluorescence, none; Measurements, 10.23*10.27*6.41.

Deciding on the best diamond at the best price can be confusing because of the vast choice on the James Allen website, but don’t forget that in addition to the virtual loupe and 3D technology, the customer service team at James Allen is excellent and staff can be contacted by phone, email or via online chat to clarify any problems. Not only that, James Allen has an on-site gemologist at their New York and Maryland offices if any further clarification is needed about your diamond.

When choosing a diamond it is important to consider 4 characteristics. These are cut, color, clarity and carat. Although all these factors contribute to the overall beauty of a diamond, it is helpful to understand that a well-cut diamond is vital and can make the diamond look bigger than it actually is. To the inexperienced eye, it is difficult to distinguish between an internally flawless and a G or H color diamond.

It is also difficult to assess clarity unless you are experienced in grading diamonds, so if you need to stay within a budget, there is no real need to increase the clarity beyond VS2, because a VS2 diamond is “eye clean.” Increasing a diamond grading above VS2 and the color above a G or H will increase the price of the diamond considerably but won’t necessarily make it more beautiful.

The above diamond was chosen as diamond of the week because it is beautiful and complies with the characteristics described above, making it an excellent value for money. Click here to check it out!

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