Difference Between VS1 and VS2

Q: What is the major difference between buying a VS1 or VS2 stone when it comes to diamond clarity?

That’s a very good question, so it would be helpful to begin by clarifying the terms VS1 and VS2. These terms are used by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to describe clarity of an individual diamond. VS1 stands for Very Small Inclusions1 and VS2 for Very Small Inclusions2. VS1 is graded as having better clarity, and if all other parameters of two different diamonds are virtually the same then the VS1 diamond would be more expensive.

The inclusion or inclusions in VS1 and VS2 clarity diamonds are visible only under a 10x powered loupe. It is more difficult to find the inclusions in the VS1 diamond under this magnification but easier to find in the VS2 diamond. However, VS2 inclusions are rarely seen by the naked eye.

Unfortunately, diamonds are like any other retail product, and once they leave the shop, they begin to depreciate in value. Putting this into perspective, the reason one purchases a retail product is to enjoy it, and this also applies when choosing a diamond. It would be infinitely more sensible to put greater emphasis on diamond carat weightdiamond cut, and diamond color rather than spend more money on a clarity that the majority of people wouldn’t notice. Therefore, the simplest answer to the initial query is that the major difference between a VS1 and a VS2 diamond is the price.

Buying loose diamonds online can be a gamble because it isn’t possible to see them before buying them. However, buying from a reputable online jeweler like makes diamond buying an exciting adventure. This is because is the only online jeweler that has a virtual loupe system. The virtual loupe enables a buyer to view a real photo of any chosen diamond and to examine it in detail before making a final decision and what you see online is what you will purchase. In addition, the staff at is readily available to answer any queries and to guide prospective customers to purchase the best diamond to suit their budget, thus making the whole process much easier and more enjoyable.

An example of the differences in price of two of the diamonds available to purchase online at are: item # 1278669, a VS1 diamond costing $700 and item # 1295752, a VS2 diamond costing $580. Both diamonds are 0.3 carat and D color, and it would take a very experienced diamond dealer to tell the difference between the two stones using the naked eye.

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