Four C’s of diamonds

diamond engagement solitaire ringsQuestion: I’ve started looking online for an engagement ring and a lot of the websites refer to the Four C’s of diamonds. What exactly are the four C’s of diamonds?

Answer: The Four C’s of a diamond refer to cut, color, clarity and carat. It is great to hear that you are doing your research before purchasing your diamond engagement ring. This will ensure that you are able to make an informed decision that will meet all your expectations.

Overall, the Four C’s are the most important characteristics to take into consideration when investing into a diamond. As a whole, cut, color, clarity and carat are the four features of a stone that are used to assess and value it. Hence, it is vital that you understand each characteristic so you can decide what it is that you want.

Diamond cut refers to the way a stone reflects the light. The majority of graders refer to a 5 point grading scale starting at poor/fair at the bottom of the scale and an ideal cut is considered the finest option. For great value pick for a good cut or very good cut, as this will ensure that the stone reflects the light beautifully without pushing the overall diamond price vastly higher.

Diamond color assesses the coloration of a diamond. The less coloration, the more valuable the ring. The diamond color grading ranges from D-Z, with D being absolutely colorless, and Z looking clearly yellow.

The diamond clarity grading scale goes from F for flawless to I1-I2-I3 for included. Diamonds with a rating of VS1 or VS2 (slightly included) represent the best value, as the flaws in this diamond decrease its overall cost, though these tiny imperfections are impossible to be seen by the naked eye.

And finally, diamond carat measures the weight of the stone. Going for a one carat engagement ring is a very popular choice. It will give you a decent size diamond, going any higher than that is likely represent an additional cost of thousands of dollars.

However, before you decide on the Four C’s set yourself a budget so you know how much money you would like to invest into the engagement ring. Once that’s done, have a look at the James Allen search tool. This website allows you to decide on each of the Four C’s of diamonds, including a budget, and then it conducts a search, providing you with lots of different diamond options. That way you can also have a little bit of a play and see what diamond choice will represent the best value.

This website has also lots of different settings to choose from, so have a browse and I’m sure you will find that perfect engagement ring that your girlfriend will love.

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