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Question – James Allen Engagement Rings

I’m looking for James Allen engagement rings, and was wondering how to purchase a ring online and whether it is a safe process.

Answer – James Allen Engagement Rings

Purchasing James Allen engagement rings is completely safe and hassle free as this retailer is well-established and proven their first class service over and over. In fact James Allen is one of the top diamond retailers when it comes to online jewelry, their service is fast and efficient, and their vast selection of diamonds is absolutely stunning.

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Furthermore, this online jeweler offers shipping insurance with all their orders, including their James Allen engagement rings. In actual fact, this online jeweler automatically fully insures all domestic shipments and international shipments up to $1,000. International orders above $1,000 are priced at $50 for insurance plus one percent of the total price. This will ensure that you receive your engagement ring fast and secure.

The process of ordering your desired engagement ring is a really simple process. You can either purchase a pre-made James Allen engagement ring, or you have the fabulous option of designing your own ring. This will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Creating your diamond ring consists of an easy to follow two-step process.

The first step in creating James Allen engagement rings is to decide on what kind of ring you are looking for. There are lots of different settings to pick from, and you can decide on what material you would like to use, whether it is gold, white-gold, silver or platinum.

The next and final step is to find a matching diamond to go into the James Allen engagement rings. In order to find a diamond that matches your budget and specifications, you can use this search tool. You can select exactly what you want based on color, carat, clarity, cut, shape and price range.

Diamond cut refers to the way a stone reflects the light, which is usually measured by using a 5 point grading scale starting at poor/fair at the bottom of the scale and an ideal cut is considered the finest option. Diamond color assesses the coloration of a diamond. The less coloration, the more valuable the ring. The diamond clarity grading scale goes from F for flawless to I1-I2-I3 for included. Diamonds with a rating of VS1 or VS2 (slightly included) represent the best value, as the flaws in this diamond decrease its overall cost, though these tiny imperfections are impossible to be seen by the naked eye. And to conclude, diamond carat measures the weight of the stone.

Once you’ve conducted a search you will receive a vast variety of James Allen engagement rings and any of them will meet your preferred characteristics. Creating James Allen engagement rings is this easy, and it will ensure that you get a unique and personalized piece that is exactly what you are looking for. Moreover, James Allen is a trusted online jeweler that will help you to find  perfect engagement rings.

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