18K White Gold Knife Edge Solitaire Ring

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I want to get an 18K knife edge solitaire ring for my wife to give to her on our anniversary but I don’t know where I can get a decent one easily as well as at an affordable price?

Answer – 18K White Gold Knife Edge Solitaire ring from James Allen

The 18K white gold knife edge solitaire ring made available by James Allen on their online store is probably one of the most ideal gift options available to you, particularly if you want to make him feel special. Although solitaire settings represent extremely simple diamond rings, the beauty of it lies within the elegance.

On the other hand, when it comes to selecting a particular knife edge solitaire ring, you can play around with the size and style of the band. When you have a ring with a narrower band, the diamond will inherently look larger than it really is. On the contrary, a larger band can overshadow the size of the diamond making it look smaller. Therefore, if the person that you’re giving the ring to has small, narrow fingers then you probably should go for a narrow band size.

A knife edge solitaire ring is an excellent gift to present to your loved on a special occasion such as an anniversary. You can also go for other gems such as sapphire or emerald. But a knife edge solitaire ring is an excellent symbol of love and affection. This particular diamond ring setting is neither cheap nor too expensive therefore it does not represent a monetary hurdle for budget conscious consumers.

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On the other hand, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of when looking to purchase diamond jewelry such as a knife edge solitaire ring from the internet. Diamonds for example the diamond within a knife edge solitaire ring are graded in accordance to the 4 Cs of diamond grading. These can be defined as diamond color, diamond cut, diamond clarity and carat weight.

Diamond color refers to the amount of coloration or pigmentation present within a particular diamond. Diamond graders use an extremely simple method to grade diamonds. This system is based on a sequence of alphabets ranging from D (colorless) to Z(light yellow pigmentation). Naturally, colorless diamonds or near colorless diamonds are much more expensive as compared to diamonds that posses light yellow pigmentation.

On the other hand, diamond cut refers to the shape of the diamond in accordance with the amount of light that it reflects. A diamond that reflects most of the light that is projected upon its surface is brilliant and is therefore expensive. When you purchase a loose diamond or even an item such as knife edge solitaire ring, you have to primarily achieve a balance in regards to each grading criteria.

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