Large Diamond Rings for a Large Budget

Q: I Have a Large Budget and Want to Get My Fiancée a Large Clean Ring

A: This highlights one of the difficulties and concerns of buying a diamond online. A customer would like to examine a purchase as important and valuable as a diamond but is this possible?

At James Allen, it is possible due to their amazing, innovative technology known as virtual loupe technology. This enables a prospective customer to see actual photographs of a diamond at about 20 times magnification, giving you a chance to effectively examine it before buying.

James Allen is the only online jeweler with this technology ,and together with the incredible high-resolution 3D viewer, it is possible to see the ring before making a purchase.

An advantage of being able to examine the diamond is that it will enable you to make the most of your large budget to buy a significant stone. The general advice when buying a diamond is to buy one with the lowest clarity that is clean to the naked eye. This is because the majority of people won’t benefit from a diamond with clarity any higher than this. In general, lower clarity diamonds are less expensive, which leaves more to be spent on a larger diamond thus giving better value for your money.

The customer service at James Allen is excellent, and they will do all they can to help you make the most of your budget.

There are so many wonderful examples of items available online at James Allen that it is really hard to decide on which one to give as an example. However, the following items show what a beautiful ring you can have at a competitive price by following the advice above.

Item # 1246833 is an ideal cut, F color, 3.32 carat, VS1 diamond with a 61.4% depth, a 56% table and very good polish and symmetry, costing $128,310.

Item # 1182077 is an ideal cut, F color, 3.31 carat, IF diamond with a 60.3% depth, a 55% table and excellent polish and symmetry, costing $164,800.

It is very unlikely that buying the IF ring will add a great deal to the beauty of it and looking at the difference in cost, it will be a far better choice if you are looking for value for money to consider buying the VS1 clarity ring. It will probably be possible to find an even larger diamond with lower diamond clarity that looks just as magnificent as either of the above diamonds but that has a much lower price, giving even better value for your money.

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