Pave vs. Channel Settings

Q: So I have my diamond figured out for my fiancée and I want to pick the setting myself. I like the pave and channel settings, but how do I know which one is best?

A: First, congratulations. That’s a valid question and to be honest, choosing between engagement ring settings is best is a common issue. Though both the pave and channel settings are beautiful and done with excellent craftsmanship, there is a distinct difference between the two.

A pave setting adds an extravagant touch to the band itself. Instead of a plain metal band, the band is encrusted with small diamonds ranging in size and count. The diamonds are strategically set, giving the band an appearance of looking like a solid diamond. The prongs or beads holding the diamonds in place are tiny and barely visible, thus giving the band that solid diamond look.

The pave setting comes with two choices. Diamonds can be placed half-way around the band or around the entire band. If you want the focus and attention to be drawn to the center diamond itself, then I’d suggest going with a half band of diamonds. Some people find this type of setting more comfortable because a full band of diamonds tends to rub against the other fingers.

The channel setting varies slightly from the pave setting. Channel settings do not use any prongs or beads to hold the encrusted diamonds on the band in place. The diamonds are set into a small channel with no metal in between them. This setting is timeless and definitely beautiful. The diamonds flow with one another either partially or fully around the band.

A channel setting enhances the center diamond more than it detracts from it. The diamonds take on the look of a solid band adding beauty and elegance to the engagement ring. The diamonds used in the channel setting are small and soundly placed. Again, choosing whether or not to have the diamonds encrusted half way around the band or around the entire band depends on personal comfort level.

In a nutshell, the pave setting better blends the center diamond into the band. The channel setting allows the eye to be drawn to the center diamond. If you are looking for some nice pave settings, you might check out this pave setting from James Allen, as they have a great selection of different settings and gems. Check out their Metal Education page for more info on what they can offer.

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