Protecting Yourself When Buying a Ring Online

Q: I am planning on buying a ring online, but what happens if it doesn’t show up or arrives damaged? Can I get some kind of insurance?

A: This is one of the more important questions to ask when purchasing jewelry online. If your jewelry is lost or damaged in the mail, how are you to be responsible for it? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry if you go with James Allen, as you aren’t responsible if your jewelry is lost or damaged when you purchase from them, as they offer automatic diamond ring shipping insurance.

Your jewelry, no matter the price or size, is insured all the way until it gets to you, and if it is damaged, you can return the damaged piece back and receive a new one. While James Allen does not insure the jewelry after delivery, you are personally protected from having lost or damaged jewelry delivered to you. As another precaution, all packages require a signature on delivery, so your package will never be left in front of your door or in a post office.

Honestly, having your package automatically insured during transit to your home is hard to come by. James Allen shippers take all the proper precautions to prevent these things from ever happening when delivering your package. It is their duty to ensure that you get what you ordered on time, delivered to the right place, and with absolutely no damage done. All of your items are treated like fragile packages.

It is important that when you purchase jewelry online, you check out their shipping methods and their policies on damaged and lost items. Some places hold you responsible for items that are lost in the mail and if you receive something damaged, you will not be able to return them. Check all the fine print before you place your order. On diamond websites other than James Allen, you may have to purchase your own insurance to cover the shipping condition of your items.

This insurance can vary in price, so you can pay either a small fee of a few dollars or so or more depending on what you order. If you are purchasing jewelry online, it is a good idea to give James Allen a look because of their insured delivery policy. There are a lot of beautiful pieces on the site and many different styles to choose from. It won’t hurt you to take a peek, and who knows, you may even find the dream diamond you have been looking for.

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