Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round Brilliant Diamonds

While there are a number of popular diamond shapes, and some alternative shapes like the princess cut and Asscher cut have gained a fair amount of popularity in recent years, round brilliant diamonds are by far the most popular and the most widely available. If you’ve ever shopped for diamonds, you’ll surely have noticed just how many more round diamonds there are than any other shape. There are a number of reasons as to why this is, and, as with every other shape, the round brilliant has certain unique characteristics that potential buyers should be aware of before making a purchase.

What are round brilliant diamonds?

The round brilliant cut is now considered the “traditional” diamond shape, having been around since at least the mid-17th century. The exact processes used to create round diamonds have changed numerous times since then. The earliest round cuts had a relatively small number of facets, meaning that the facets were long and could often expose imperfections on the interior of the diamond. One of the evolutionary stages of the round brilliant was known as the cushion cut, and this cut is still available today.

The ideal modern round brilliant has a total of 58 facets. In some cases, additional facets may be added in order to conceal the diamond’s flaws. There are actually still a few different benchmarks in use to determine the ideal dimensions of round brilliant diamonds. In North America, the common benchmark is known as the American Standard.

What makes round brilliant diamonds special?

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the popularity of round brilliant diamonds. Most significantly, their small facets perform a couple of very important and helpful functions. First, they help to obscure any flaws within the diamond. With diamonds that feature long facets, such as the emerald cut and the Asscher cut, the diamond’s clarity grade is absolutely crucial, as diamonds that have clarity grades in the SI1-2 range will have flaws that are easily visible to the naked eye, whereas these flaws are effectively hidden in round brilliants.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

The other significant feature of round brilliant diamonds is that they are known to exhibit more brilliance and sparkle than any other type of diamond. Since the sparkle effect is generally considered the thing that gives diamonds their special kind of beauty, it follows that the round brilliant is the ideal diamond shape, as it exhibits this quality more than any other shape.

Finally, the round shape is sturdier and less vulnerable to damage than shapes with straight sides. This means that round brilliant diamonds are usually a safer long-term investment than other cuts.

What should I look for in round brilliant diamonds?

Round brilliant diamonds are not as susceptible to specific appearance-related issues as some of the other shapes. Instead, when shopping for round brilliant diamonds, buyers should simply certain general standards in order to ensure that they’re making the best possible investment. For value-conscious buyers, the best deal is often represented by round brilliants with the following “four C” ratings: a cut grade of “Good;” a clarity grade of SI1-2; a color grade of G, H, or I; and a carat weight in the area of 1. These parameters are generally where you can find the best possible combination of affordability and quality.

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