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How To Find Best Diamond Brands

The “four C”(*1) criteria aren’t the only factors that help determine the price of a diamond ring(*2). The overall design of the piece also makes a difference, and this is where diamond brands come in. There are many diamond brands currently in existence, and each offers its own particular design features. Brand-name diamond jewellery is available from online retailers such as Mondera(*3) and James Allen(*4). When it comes to real value, though, just what difference does a brand make?

That’s a tricky question. Just as there are no two diamonds that are exactly the same, it follows that there are no two pieces of diamond jewellery that are the same, even if they’re marketed under the same brand. There are certain things that brands do try to mark out as their particular area of specialization; some are known for dealing with rare, naturally colored diamonds (bright yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, and so on), while others feature patented diamond cuts and shapes(*5).

Always Go For Best Diamond Brands

For the most part, though, the difference from one brand to another is the setting of the diamonds and the overall design of the piece. A nice design certainly isn’t something to be completely discounted, as, for example, the design of the band on a ring can help to visually accentuate the quality of the diamond, but it also isn’t something that’s necessary limited exclusively to brands. In other words, when buying diamonds(*6), brand name or otherwise, it’s always important to take into account the characteristics of the diamond.

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Diamond Brands

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