Diamond Ring Shipping Insurance

Diamond Ring Shipping Insurance

For a number of reasons, buying diamonds online(*1) can be a very attractive prospect for many consumers. However, all online retailers are not created equal, and there are certain service features that buyers should not do without. Diamond ring shipping insurance is one of these.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of insurance for the shipping of valuable items, and this is particularly true for diamond rings and other diamond jewellery. Ideally, you’d like to receive your item without it being tarnished in any way, as this would affect its appearance as well as its value(*2). In most cases, diamonds will be shipped safely, but in the even that they aren’t, shipping insurance is your safety net. If your item is damaged or lost in shipping, you file a claim with the party responsible for shipping (meaning the courier or postal service), and you can receive the cash value of the item.

When buying diamonds online, you should be absolutely certain of what your insurance options are. Under no circumstances should you purchase diamonds from a vendor that does not offer shipping insurance, no matter how good a deal it might initially appear to be. Without shipping insurance, you have no recourse should the item be damaged.

Diamond Ring Shipping Insurance

Fortunately, virtually all reputable vendors do offer shipping insurance. Many US-based sellers use courier services that include insurance up to a certain value with any shipment. Mondera(*3) includes insurance with every shipment, while James Allen(*4) automatically fully insures domestic shipments and international shipments up to $1,000, with insurance for international orders over $1,000 costing $50 plus one percent of the total price.

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Diamond Ring Shipping Insurance

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